Our Goal

We love running and we want to share it with you. We want to show you impresive historical center of old Prague, amazing landscape of the Bohemian Paradise or beauties of the Giant Mountains.
Run Cities, run pictoresque landscape, run mountains, run forests. Enjoy your runs, feel the nature, feel the place.
You don´t need to be competitive. Let´s just explore new places, learn bits of the history, charge new power by the new views. Be part of it.

Your Pace is Our Pace

Mi casa es su casa. My Prague is your Prague. My shoes are just mine.

It´s Not a Race, It´s Just Fun

It´s not time to run the Prague Marathon. It´s time to feel the soul of Old Prague. Perhaps we don´t get to meet Golem, but what if? Kafka will not cheer up, but what if?

Sorry, You Can´t Run With Us Every Day!

We know you like our tours, our trails, our ideas. But be reasonable. The other people want to try it too.

Our Team

is experienced, in a good mood, qualified, recyclable...
Trail and Marathon Runner - ENG, RUS
Runner and Guide(ova) - ENG, ESP
The Road Runner
The Road Runner
Do Not Contact Him !!!

Happy Customers

Sorry, we don´t have unhappy ones. Find the real ones on TripAdvisor.com

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